Considering all the types of wood available, with shades and finishes to spice up every room, it is hard to think of a reason not to utilize this material in a modern home. Wall colors might be changed or decorations eventually added, but there is no worry necessary with beautiful and versatile hardwood. The end product can be subtle or an intentional statement, depending on the homeowner’s taste.

Ease of cleaning

This flooring is easier to clean than other surfaces. Imagine the moment a jar of red sauce is dropped on the floor. A non-porous surface such as finished hardwood will not retain remnants of an incidence such as this. After pets, children and work boots reach the wood, a quick wipe across the floor is all the effort needed to bring back a clean room. A loud vacuum is not needed, so there is no contra-indication to cleaning while somebody is asleep.


Families are not always gentle on floors. It is part of life. Fortunately, hardwood flooring can last through a lot of wear and tear. When renovating older homes, oftentimes old hardwood floors will be restored. This cannot generally be said about old carpet. In the long run, this could be much less expensive when it comes to repairs and updates.


Style can easily be incorporated into any room, hardwood floors are easy to clean, and they offer durability for years. There are positive aspects of hardwood flooring for every individual, and these are just three pieces to keep at the top of the list.

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